Let the Games Begin!

Hello Everyone!

It’s nice to meet you. For those who don’t know me, my name is Laura, and I am the owner of Antimony and Elder Lace Press, and for the future at least the writer of this blog.

Here I’ll be providing information about our publishing company, upcoming titles, fundraising efforts, and of course some rants and raves about the industry in general.

I’ll also talk a bit from time to time about the great authors that have decided to work with us.

But enough about what I will write about in the future. Right now, I’d like to give you a little bit of an intro to my company — Antimony and Elder Lace Press.

Who We Are

We are a small press publishing company who focus on electronic or digital publishing – specifically ones that fall into five main categories:

  • Full-Length Novels
  • Graphic Novels
  • Anthologies
  • Flash fiction or short stories for our website.
  • Non-fiction, science-based material.

Now as to the type of material that we are willing to consider, that falls into these general categories:

  • Mystery/thriller — we love everything from cozy mysteries to international spy thrillers
  • Speculative Fiction — we know, a broad category. Our tastes range from sweeping space operas to historical paranormal.
  • Horror — We love the classic idea of thought-provoking, spine-chilling horror. Think Nosferatu, Frankenstein, and their ilk, not vampires that sparkle. We also adore psychological horror as well.
  • Non-fiction material that is science-based and able to stand up to rigorous critique. While we are not a publisher of a scientific journal, we do have a strong science background, and we are passionate about accuracy and discipline.

Of course, like all publishers, we have a few categories that we tend to steer away from. We don’t mind if these elements exist in the stories you submit, just don’t make them the primary focus:

  • Erotica
  • Romance
  • Westerns
  • Memoirs

Of course, these lists are subject to change — especially if we find a fantastic story that falls somewhere in the gray areas. So if your story doesn’t quite fall into our preferred categories, don’t be afraid to submit. The worse that will happen is we’ll make a pass.

Future Plans

While our focus is digital publishing right now, we do have firm plans to publish both paperback and hardbound books as well. So stay tuned!

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2 Replies to “Let the Games Begin!”

  1. Looking like a marvelous start-up. I love the entire concept, and can hardly wait for the hundreds of works that will be added.

    1. Thank you! While we love the idea of having hundreds of works in the near future, we’re going to keep things a bit small for now — just a few per year 🙂

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